April news

What a fabulous season Autumn is! Cool days and nights, earlier sunsets, slight winds, everything perfect for great diving in Victoria!

Our local diving has, as of late been superb with excellent visibility experienced around and outside the bay with still very comfortable water temperatures.

Whilst on the subject of water temperatures, slowly but surely, they are on the way down, we have recorded a drop of 2 degrees at the bottom of the bay whilst experiencing a drop of 3 degrees at the top end of the bay.

With a reduction in daylight hours, we will experience a reduction in algeal blooms and this will impact positively and negatively in 2 areas.

1: Visibility will increase

2: The size of the edible part of shellfish (i.e. Scallops) will reduce as these filter feeders rely on microscopic algae in suspension in the water column and settling on the bottom to feed

Boat dive bookings are now available online through the SCUBA CULTURE web site where you can chose from the entire RED BOATS schedule by going to https://secure.netbookings.com.au/tourism/1934/viewtours?agent=3604  Dives to suit everyone are being offered including a smaller dive boat recently assessed for suitability by Chris’ s freediving course.  We plan to use the small boat service in order to provide both freediving and spear fishing opportunities to trained freedivers and spear fishers.

This is not to say that we will not be using Dive Victoria any longer, we are looking at providing club members more options, dive sites and greater flexibility with their diving.