Club member guided shore dives

26 March: Easter Saturday: Dive with our assistant instructor and all round nice guy, Madison
2 April: Dive with Madison again!!! (he is a really nice guy!!)
9 April: Double boat dive, Crays and Scallops, diving with Michelle & DB, 2 of our finest! Seafood is on the menu tonight!!!! FULLY BOOKED!
16 April: The queen of critters is back!!! Dr. Kate our very own Marine biologist is out to turn over some rocks, find some cool stuff and blow you away with all sorts of facts about the said critter!!!
23 April: DB is out to prove that underwater sheep do in fact exist, or is he just pining for the land of the long white cloud??
1 May: Dr Kate is out to prove the scientific theory of evolution and that humans came from star fish!
7 May: Mr all round nice guy, Madison is back… perhaps he will be breaking out his drysuit in preparation for the cooler weather… (he is still nice whether in a drysuit or wetsuit!)
14 May: On the back of DB’s hopeful discovery of underwater sheep, he is out again to not only prove a point but to photograph these creatures in their natural environment as he strives on his quest to have a sea creature named after him, so please join him in his moment of aquatic immortality and share the fun
22 May: On the back of destroying the Biblical theory of evolution, Dr. Kate is back in the water, this time, she wants to turn over more rocks and find the much maligned Blue Ringed Octopus and have the little bugger turn his/her lights on for everyone to see!

If any of the above mentioned club dives push your buttons, float your boat, take your fancy, please drop us a line/email to book on, and if you need any hire gear, please provide your credit card details at the time of booking.