November scuba news

What a month it’s been!!! Where do we start?

I guess from a personal point of view we couldn’t be prouder of our recent achievements, winning for the 5th consecutive year the SCUBAPRO Dealer of the year as well as winning the Excellence In Business Awards, Small Business category in the city of Whitehorse where we are one of some 65,000 small businesses registered in the area!

Winning these recent awards has for us been a recognition of our dedication to customer service, the best training available delivered by the best team of professionals in the business, and for this, we thank both you, our divers as well as our fabulous staff members who take pride in what they do and how they represent SCUBA CULTURE.

Our club dives have maintained popularity with some different activities on offer in the coming weeks.

1.The Great Victorian Fish count is running the Saturdays 21, 28 November and 5 December, in charge is our very own Marine Biologist Dr. Kate Naughton who knows everything there is to know about many of the critters found in our local waters.  We currently have 6 people booked on and can take up to 10 on each event, divers registering for all 3 events will receive a t-shirt and go into a SCUBAPRO prize draw

2.We’re going on a double seafood catch and cook boat dive on the 22 Nov with a crayfish dive followed by a scallop drift.  With crayfish set to hit the $120 per Kg mark this year, a nice crayfish will make a welcome addition on the Xmas table.  SORRY THIS IS NOW FULLY BOOKED!