Spear fishing & Boat licence courses now available at Scuba Culture

(Salmon taken at Kangaroo Island)



Spear fishing has been practised since the dawn of time as a method of harvesting fish for consumption. Did you know that Spear Fishing is the single most sustainable type of fishing that exists?  Now you do!!! Why is that so? I hear you ask. Simple, spear fishing is target selective and not indiscriminate, it is even more sustainable than fishing with a rod and reel!!!

And at $40 per Kg for the humble flathead, why wouldn’t we want to go and help ourselves to a couple of the humble Port Phillip Bay Lizards every now and then?

And furthermore, with the Kangaroo Island trip just around the corner for those lucky enough to join us, this will be a perfect opportunity to get educated and gain some experience prior to heading across.

Just ask our instructor Mick Meer what he thought of the Salmon we served up last January at dinner!!!   The new course covers the following areas:

The freediving system relating to spear fishing

Selecting the right spear gun

The must have accessories

Safety, car and maintenance


Target selection and humanely dispatching the fish

The course runs over 2 days, ½ day theory + equipment fit-out and gun rigging, followed by a skills development open water lesson and an open water spear fishing lesson.






Course schedule:

Theory: 5 December 2015 from 9am

Prac training: (gun rigging) – 5 December 2015 – afternoon

Dives: 6 December 2015 (shore)

Instructor: Xavier

5 vacancies left



You need not look any further, boat license courses are now available at SCUBA CULTURE.  The courses take around 5 hours in total duration and is conducted at Scuba Culture.

You will cover all the theory and testing required by Transport Safety Victoria to gain your boat licence and PWC endorsement.

On successful completion of the course a certificate is issued which needs to be presented to Vic Roads along with the cost of the annual fee to obtain your licence.

An extension on the course can be taken providing you with actual boat launching, driving and retrieval experience. This can only be booked once the theory has been done.

Enrolments are available immediately.

Course schedule:

Theory:  Saturday 7 November 2015

Next course

Theory Saturday 12 December 2015