We are currently in the throes of setting up another freediving program for the month of November, we already have 2 bookings and can take up to 6.

The course will be level 1.

Experience new adventures and explore undiscovered worlds!

Have you ever dreamed of swimming like a dolphin or wondered what it feels like to glide through the ocean just holding your breath? Then, you owe to yourself to find out more about freediving.

Freediving is an exciting activity that everyone, regardless of age, can enjoy with the proper equipment and the appropriate training. No matter where you live, freediving is an exhilarating, year round activity.

Whether it’s exploring a beautiful ocean reef, or a local lake or river, there is a freediving experience close by.

The Level 1 SSI Freediver course is designed to provide you with the proper skills and knowledge to partake in the recreational sport of Freediving (breath hold diving) in a safe and enjoyable manner.
During your program you’ll learn about the equipment, diving science, the environment, problem management and the local area. In addition, you’ll practice techniques of breath hold Freediving, entering the water, checking your buoyancy, surface swimming, and finning techniques. It will build your confidence in your Freediving abilities and help you to explore the mysteries of the aquatic realm.
This course is a must for anyone who wishes to spearfish as it will increase both the depth and duration of your dives.

For anyone in good health from 16 years or more.
All participants are required to have their own long blade fins and a suitable wetsuit.
Participants must complete a medical declaration and may be require to undertake a medical.
There are only 2 ways people learn – shock and repetition. Shock is not a good way to learn anything, especially freediving. That leaves repetition. Do you remember when your mum or dad said, “practice makes perfect?” Well they were right and that’s exactly how we will teach you to freedive. And the only way to do that is for you to become truly comfortable with your knowledge, skills and equipment.
Drop us an email to register your interest. Dates TBA.

Have a look at the link below and get yourself inspired!