To celebrate the beginning of Spring and our move to Burwood we are offering the diving community Victoria’s cheapest air fills.  $5 per air fill.   If you have a few tanks you need filled maybe give us a call – otherwise just come in.

100’s of masks to look through – big, small, red, black, red and black

shop sep 2







100’s of snorkels to breathe through


100’s of  boots to keep your tootsies toasty (socks, shoes, booties…..)

100’s of suits and undergarments to protect you and keep you warm

shop Sept 1

The biggest range of BC’s, regulators, dive computers & dive torches

shop sept 4

All imaginable gadgets to make your diving the best and most comfortable

We don’t sell footballs or tennis rackets – we specialise in scuba, snorkel, swim & spearfishing.  So if the water is what you love, come and visit us.  We are open 7 days per week!