Spring has sprung and the first couple of days are welcome relief from the coldest winter in the last 26 years to hit Victoria. Having said that, the coldest water temperature encountered this year was 10 degrees C, just hanging into double figures compared to last year where 9 degrees C was encountered at Williamstown in mid August. One degree you might think! But when we talk about a 10% differentiation, regardless of the suit worn, that one degree is felt.

So…. looking forward to what September has in store for us!

Club dives every week end with an extension of half price gear hire through to the end of October.  We’re doing this to get divers out of hibernation and diving before the start of the peak season!

Starting Saturday 5 September with dives being led by Chris “The Hammer”  Simmonds, 13 September boat dives, 19 September led by Chris, 26 September led by Marcus.

Thank you to everyone who attended the August club night addressed by Tim Smith from Heritage Victoria, the night was a great success, we are following up with Tim an opportunity discussed to gain access to dive the wreck of the City Of Launceston resting in Port Phillip Bay, more information on that dive when it comes to hand.