October scuba diving news

Warmer weather is doing its thing!!! Divers are emerging from winter hibernations and getting back in the water!
Numbers on our club dives are starting to look good! And with water temperature on the way up (15 degrees recorded at Mordialloc Pier 23/9/2014), this being a 5 degree jump in the last 6 weeks, conditions are becoming quite acceptable.
This year, the opening of the Crayfish season (November 16) happens to fall on a Sunday, as such, we have chartered a Dive Victoria boat exclusively for our use for a double dive, the boat will leave the pier at 8am, divers will need to board the boat with 2 tanks. The day of the season opening is the best day to have a crack at one of these crustaceans, they aren’t spooked by gaggles of divers having a go at bagging them yet! The second dive will be a gentle drift dive on the scallop beds guaranteeing a result of fresh seafood for all those attending.
Both dives are within the range of Open Water divers, all you need is a recreational fishing licence that can be purchased online and you’re in for a great fun day!
At the moment, we only have 8 places left on the boat!

OCTOBER CLUB NIGHT: Dr. Kate Naughton, read all about her in this newsletter and join us October 24th, 7pm at SCUBA CULTURE when she debunks aquatic myths and exposes marine critters and their peculiar lives! (RSVP a must!!!)

SEPTEMBER CLUB NIGHT ROUND UP: Thank you to everyone who attended John Lippmann’s presentation, it was great to see such a supportive turnout.
John’s presentation was educational, informative and certainly thought provoking as far as the issues that can and do happen to divers if they don’t get immediate appropriate care following the slightest suspicion of a diving injury manifestation.
From SCUBA CULTURE’s perspective, to have such a good turnout and attendance by our dive professionals was great! Their attendance will add comfort to all our club members travelling with us on forthcoming dive trips in the knowledge that our leaders know exactly what to do to assist someone should the need arise.