Use of Surface Marker Buoys


Reminder notification to all divers:

As part of the DIVA Code Of Practice, there must be 1 SMB (Surface Marker Buoy) per buddy pair on all boat dives.
It is that diver’s responsibility to deploy the SMB from underwater if instructed to do so in the dive brief provided by the boat skipper/deckhand/dive master.

The reason behind SMB deployment is simple:
A: It allows boat traffic to see that there are divers underwater and that boat operators have a duty to reduce speed and avoid the divers
B: It provides the boat charter operator with a visual reference of where divers are ascending
C: It enables a diver/buddy pair to perform a stable safety stop of 5 minutes at 5 metres directly below the SMB using the line as a visual and physical ascent line enabling a slow ascent over the last 5mts
The use and deployment of SMB’s is taught as part of the skills set on the DEEP DIVER course as standard but may be demonstrated on club dives by your dive leader if you request them to do so.
Please be aware that the boat skipper reserves the right not to allow you to dive if there is not at least one SMB per buddy pair. The Code Of Practice is not a law, but it is a document that all members of the Victorian Diving Industry abide by and work from as a minimal acceptable standard of operation.