June news from Xavier

With winter now upon us, it is important to remind divers that winter diving is actually the best time to dive in Victoria!  Less daylight hours translates into less algeal blooms and therefore better visibility, additionally, less divers at dive sites also creates a positive impact on the environment with less damage being done underwater, it is easier to get a bit of space to move around in at the back of Dive Victoria, night dives are more popular with sunsets happening a lot earlier, wholesalers are sharpening their pencils going into the end of the financial year as well as being the “slow” season in the southern states!

HINT HINT! Keep an eye out for end of financial year special offers at SCUBA CULTURE!

Some may be wondering why I haven’t been my usual active busy bee over the last few weeks, the reason for that is due to the running of a 13 consecutive day long instructor course for our William Angliss Institute of TAFE stage 3 divers.  I’m very proud to announce that we have once again achieved a 100% success rate by graduating all 8 candidates through to Open Water instructor status.  My most sincere and heartfelt congratulations go out to all my candidates for achieving such amazing results!

Looking ahead to forthcoming events, it is good to see a full crew heading out with Anthony M. June 8th for a couple of club dives.  We also say Bon Voyage to our club crew heading off to holiday at Uepi Island Resort, Solomon Islands on Monday June 9th, I guarantee that they will fall in love with this amazing place and the world class diving on offer there!

Aside from that, the rest of our international travel this year is full (apart from 1 berth on our Truk Lagoon Live-aboard trip in November, call me for details if interested)

We still have a few spaces left on our Ewen’s Ponds dive extravaganza running over the Melbourne cup long week end, where you can experience amazing visibility diving the spring fed fresh water ponds, no washing of dive gear after the dives, an amazing night dive where you can see the stars from 10mts underwater, a fully chauffeured bus tour of the Coonawarra wine region visiting some of Australia’s best wineries and sampling their produce.