Xavier’s Editorial – February 2014

Xavier’s Editorial – February 2014

Didn’t January 2014 pull out the big guns with the heat this last month! In as much as the best place to be on those hot days is either in or underwater, the thought of pulling on 7mms worth of Neoprene was a bit extreme.

Nevertheless, these temperatures helped in getting the bay temperatures upwards quite nicely.

The Australia Day long weekend was also a bumper week end with a crew of divers joining Angela diving Ewen’s Ponds in South Australia and a large number of open water students completing their course and additionally divers joining Anthony on some club dives, so much so that we maxed out on our hire gear!

Looking back at my experiences this January, it was particularly nice to hook up with a couple of our club members whilst holidaying with my family at Kangaroo Island, but best of all, what was really good was to be able to see how well we train divers.  Nowadays, just about all of the Open Water training is done by members of our brilliant instructional team.  During my holidays, whilst on the Island, I had the opportunity to observe and dive with a couple of divers trained in 2013.

Rae Kaspiew and Jack McDonald, I take my hat off to you, great buddy contact and no complacency with buddy checks, WELL DONE!!!

Looking ahead, it is with great pleasure that we announce the running of a SENIOR FIRST AID program at SCUBA CULTURE, delivered by LIFE SAVING VICTORIA set to run 8 March 2014.

Not only is this course a pre-requisite to the SSI Stress & Rescue program, it is also a fully WORKPLACE ACCREDITED program, meaning that it is possible for some of you to have this paid for by your employers!

The course is what is known as FLEXIBLE DELIVERY, whereby it is very similar to our courses.  You will be provided with a workbook to complete prior to the day in class where all demonstrations are performed by the instructor, you are in-turn provided with an opportunity to practice those tasks prior to being assessed, and your workbook answers are reviewed and corrected if need be.

Following the completion of the course, you will receive a statement of attainment with the official training package course codes as well as a certificate of completion.  You owe it to yourself, family and friends to be first aid accredited!