31 January 2014, club night once again had a fabulous turnout of dive club members coming in the listen to a fabulous presentation by Cindy Stevenson from SPIRIT OF FREEDOM.

The presentation showcased the superb vessel that is Spirit of Freedom as well as the itineraries sailing through the Great Barrier Reef  to some of the worlds’ most famous dive destinations including the ones we will be visiting, such as the Cod Hole and the Ribbon Reefs.

Cindy’s visual presentation showed some pristine reef structures, but as Rolf highlighted, some of the reef was no longer pristine because he had been there!

The interest level went up one notch when Tracey from dive adventures went through the trip itinerary and inclusions herself, line by line demonstrating the fabulous value for money package put together for Scuba Culture.

So much so that within minutes, we had the birth of TEAM SPIRIT all joining together in a quad share facility.


TEAM SPIRIT!!! Carol, Liz, Christine and Vanessa

It didn’t take long before a further 4 places got snapped up, 2 by new club members Ben and Adam in a twin share, Walter in a quad share and Leanne in a quad share, leaving the availability down to 1 berth in a twin share, and 2 berths in quad share.

What was also great to see was the number of new divers and club members attend the evening, join in the fun and get excited about diving and taking part in more SCUBA CULTURE activities.

Aside from all that, Cindy also announced that SPIRIT OF FREEDOM have been granted by the Qld Government a Minke Whale license and as of this June, SPIRIT OF FREEDOM will be running dedicated Minke Whale itineraries!