Xavier’s Editorial – December

A certain level of normality has now resumed at SCUBA CULTURE following the successful completion of another Open Water Instructor program with yet again a 100% success in passing all candidates following an independent evaluation from SSI’s International Director of Tec. Training.

Although most of us could have been forgiven for thinking that most of November was a return to winter, it only took a few days of warm weather to get bay temperatures on the up and as I type this editorial, I’m receiving news that temperatures at Rye Pier are hovering around the 17 to 18 degree mark!

Warmer temperatures have been great for diving with the numbers of club divers joining us on our regular outings growing consistently to the point where on most club dives we are nearing capacity.

The warmer weather has also seen an increased level of interest from would-be divers with the current Open Water course being conducted needing to be run with 2 instructors due to numbers, a full December course already booked up with a second instructor ready to go should numbers continue to grow.

Looking to the next few months and giving everyone a bit of a heads up as to forthcoming dive trips, our Great White Sharks dive trip is fully booked, the back to back Philippines and Palau dive trip is fully booked, we have 3 vacancies left on our Solomon Islands dive trip 9 – 19 June, 12 vacancies on our Great Barrier Reef dive trip running 7 – 11 September (AN ABSOLUTE BARGAIN OF A DIVE TRIP!), and only 3 vacancies left on our Truk Lagoon dive trip.

Planning further afield, our 2015 dive trips are stirring some interest with a full resort booking for Barefoot Island Resort Fiji, 25 June – 4 July 2015, this is an amazing resort, great for everyone from singles to couples and families.  Following that, we are heading back to the northern most tip of Papua New Guinea and have booked the entire Lissenung Resort in Kavieng.  Our last trip to Kavieng was amazing, the diving was off the dial with 30 degree water, 30 + mts viz and some of the best reef and WWII plane wrecks I have ever seen and had the privilege to dive on.

And if you want to really plan ahead, we already have made reservations for 2016! (Galapagos!!!)