Ewens Ponds 2014


In their infinite wisdom, the parks authorities have decided to close Ewens Ponds over one of the peak tourism time frames where the ponds are regularly dived bringing thousands of dollars to the local economy of South Australia’s South Eastern region.

We have however been able to secure the accommodation for the next best timeslot, which being the Australia Day long week end of January 2014, this has in turn opened up some vacancies for divers wanting to join.

The fun of diving fresh water ponds with infinite visibility and not having to wash your dive gear after the dive!

Staying in modern self contained accommodation at Port Macdonnell, South Australia’s crayfish capital, in fact, Port Mac has the single biggest cray fishing fleet of any port in the world!

All this coupled up with a chauffeured bus tour of the Coonawarra’s best wineries; this trip is a bucket load of fun with great diving for under $500!

Look at all the positives: Great viz, no swell, surge, fumes of 2 stroke boat motors, no long walks down a rickety pier, you park literally 15 metres away from the entrance point…

It is a shame that the trip had to be shifted, it has meant that some people have had to cancel off due to other commitments over the Australia day long week end; we hope that they can join us at another time.

So, if you’re interested in jumping on a trip that books out 12 months in advance, drop me an email and I’ll shoot you the booking form!

Click here for the .pdf flyer