Xavier’s news – august edition

Hooray for the last month of winter being now upon us, in 4 weeks time, it will be spring, the days will get longer and warmer, the smell and excitement of footy finals will be in the air as people start to emerge from winter hibernation and start to think about diving again.

From my part, I spent 3 days recently at the Australian Scubapro conference where there were heaps of good news and some not so good news.

The good news is all about new equipment development and products coming into the marketplace over the next 12 months, from regulators to dive computers and buoyancy compensators through to some innovative new neoprene products.  The not so good news is that with the steady drop in the Australian dollar, prices were flagged to increase should the dollar hit the US $ 0.90 or below mark, indeed, this took place this week and hence we have been officially notified that prices are set to rise.

As such, we are keen to help our club members have a final savings opportunity by us freezing prices on the stock held in house until this Sunday (August 11) with the currently offered 15% dive club member discount.  After Sunday (August 11), we have to tow the line and revert to the previously offered 10% club member discount.

So, it’s up to you, if you wish to save some $ on Scubapro products, you have up until Sunday to make the most of what you $ used to be able to buy!

Aside from that, we wish to thank our recent guest speaker, Dr. Kate Naughton for a most informative and entertaining club night last Friday, and as a request from members, we are working to provide you more speakers along those lines.

Our next club information night is set to take place Friday August 30 and as special guest, we are hosting once again SEA SHEPHERD and hope that you will join the people already booked and support this most worthy volunteer group.  SEA SHEPHERD will have a display of their wears available for purchase on the night as part of their ongoing fundraising efforts.

Currently we have approximately 15 people booked to attend, we feel that we can easily more than double that number, please drop us a line/email to reserve a seat.